As part of the advocacy of the consortium to promote PHREB accreditation of CLHRDC member institutions’ ethics review committees and conduct of ethically-sound researches, Basic Research Ethics Training has been conducted. It was held at Green Manor Hotel, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, and was attended by 30 participants from 16 member institutions.

The training objectives were the following:

  1. To dialogue and guide participants regarding the moral dimensions of research
  2. To help participants conduct or review ethical research
  3. To sensitize participants regarding basic research ethics concepts

The training was held at Grace Crown Hotel, Angeles City, Pampanga. It was attended by twenty-six (26) researchers from fourteen (14) higher education institutions (HEIs). The objectives of the training were the following:

  • To enhance the quality and productivity of health research endeavors in the region through submitting research proposals for funding
  • To guide new researchers in developing quality health research proposals by satisfying the given criteria for evaluation
  • To package detailed research proposals for endorsement to PCHRD with a concise review of related literature, aligned objectives and methodologies, and are within the priority research areas

Dr. Reynaldo DL Bundalian, Jr. gave a lecture regarding the importance and techniques of having a concise review of related literature, as well as an overview of the PCHRD detailed research proposal format. In the afternoon, he discussed the interrelationship between the objectives and methodologies.

The second day AM session was allotted to the participants to finish their research proposals to be presented in the afternoon. After each presentation, the mentors gave their comments and suggestions to improve their paper. Dr. Bella G. Panlilio and the participants agreed to submit their revised detailed research proposals and other documentary requirements until May 24, 2019 for evaluation of the RMC and consequently, for endorsement to PCHRD-DOST for possible funding.