The primary purpose of the CLHRDC is to strengthen the system of collaboration among private and public institutions in Central Luzon involved in health research and management in order to develop and enhance their research capacity in undertaking health research activities as a strategy to help improve the health conditions of the people in the region.

CLHRDC is committed to:

  1. Identify priority regional health problems for research in line with the priority areas set forth by the National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA) and the Regional Unified Health Research Agenda (RUHRA);
  2. Identify and implement research programs and projects targeting identified priority health problems;
  3. Develop and enhance health research and development activities;
  4. Establish a system of collaboration and resource sharing in undertaking health researches;
  5. Generate resources for health-related researches consistent with the national and regional health research agenda;
  6. Develop capability in human resources, facilities and other infrastructure from health and nutrition researches;
  7. Promote the utilization of health research findings;
  8. Serve as clearing house for health-related researches to be conducted by its member-institutions; and
  9. Develop mechanisms and implement strategies to ensure the long-term viability of the CLHRDC.